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Nate Huntsman The Lost Hero book review

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              Riordan's book," The Lost Hero," amazed me with how well it was written.  If you really like books that are fiction, and have a ton of action, this book is for you.  This book was just an all out really good book.

               The plot of the book is that Jason, the main character, wakes up on a bus, holding a girls hand. The girl is Piper McLean.  There is also a Mexican kid sitting in front of him.  His name is Leo Valdez.  He asks who they are.  They think he is just kidding, but he has no idea.  He has had his memory stolen.  The rest of the book is about his quest in order to get his memory back, and to save the world from a very bad man.  You will have to read the rest of the book to find out what happens.

            I would recommend this book for people that love action adventures that are fiction.  A good quote to show you this is,“I have lightning and wind powers," Jason reminded him. "Piper can turn beautiful and charm people into giving her BMW's. You're no more a freak than we are. And, hey, maybe you can fly, too. Like jump off a building and yell 'Flame on!'"Leo snorted. "If I did that, you would see a flaming kid falling to his death, and I would be yelling something a little stronger than 'Flame on!"

Have you ever read the Hunger
Games by Suzanne Collins? It
It is a great book. If you love action
and adventure.
    This book is about a teenage girl named Katniss.
Katniss likes to hunt with her friend Gale.
They i've in the future when their life was ruined by war the land was split into thirteen districts. Katniss and Gale live in the twelfth district. They also every year have a thing called the reaping and they get chosen to go to the hunger ames where kids will battle to the death till only one stands. Katniss is chosen is the reaping. she has to fight in the hunger games. Will she survive? Find out and read the Hunger games.
     I loved this book it was a great book for me. I love action and adventure. This book is filled with a lot of action and adventure. I also did enjoy the other two books of the hunger games. These books were fun and interesting.  They were very creative and gets your imagination going.
     This book was very different and creative. Some say it was almost like Divergent I would say it is not like divergent really at all. A connection I made with this book was that my family likes to go hunting a lot. In this book the main character Katniss also likes hunting too.
     In this book their is a quote "Every revolution begins with a spark." I like this quote because I think it goes perfectly with the book. I think it can also explain a lot and you can really think whatever you want about it.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Instant replay

Written by:
Jerry Kramer 
 Dick Schaap

This classic sports book takes readers inside the 1967 season of the Green Bay Packers, following that storied team from training camp to their dramatic victory in Super Bowl 2.

Candid and often amusing, Jerry Kramer describes from a players perspective a bygone era of sports. The readers get to see the perspective of a professional sports player. Jerry describes what is like to be a football player and has a lot of life lessons you will want to know. Not only will you get to know about the game filled with blood, grit, and tears. but you will know the history of the players and coaches never seen before.

Readers will also see how it is very important that you stick as a team and help each other reach a goal, like Jerry did with his teammates and coaches, to obtain the hardest thing in professional sports, a championship win.

"work only comes before success in the dictionary" -Vince Lombardi
I love this quote because you cant obtain or achieve success if you don't work for it. Vince lead a team to win the Superbowl, three times. And mostly everyone wanted to quit, because it was so hard, But it game them so much more.   

I like this book because it shows you the history of american football, what you have to do to accomplish your dreams, and how to act as a person and a teammate. This book inst the cleanest book, and confusing and intense, if you love sports and are man enough to read this even with the language, then you should read this.

When The Bough Breaks

How would you feel if your died died in a car accident and your older brother is getting drunk every single night and your mom is getting remarried. You would feel pretty upset. Well this is how Rachel's life is. Rachel is a senior in High School.  She is making plans for the future when all of the sudden, her dad gets into a car crash and died instantly. And all her brother Ryan can do, is blame it all on her "it was all your fault! if you didnt go to your stupid friends house, none of this would of happened!" that is what ryan said and when really she didn't do anything wrong. Rachel doesn't really love her life. Ryan is coming home every night drunk and he hates her and she always has to clean up after him. She doesn't think things could get any worse. But they do. Ryan beats up a boy at a party and is in trouble for it. Her mom invites them over for dinner and Rachel is very scared. But when they arrive for dinner, she finds out that Ryan punched the guy that she has a crush on. And the mom now has a crush on the father. This could not get any worse for Rachel, but as soon as she thinks this, her mom tells everyone that she is getting married to her crush's father. oh no! that means that they are going to be brother and sister. How is Ryan going to handle all of this? well it just keeps on getting worse and worse for Rachel.  Ryan ends up in the hospital…… read this book to find out what happens to him next

I would recommend this book to mostly LDS girls because she is lds. I also think that a girl would relate to it more than a guy would. and i would also reccommend it to a parent. just because i think it teaches them lessons about parenting

i can relate to her because i have had a sister who was getting drunk but she wasn't living with us but I remember my parents calling me downstairs and telling me that my sister was just put in jail for drunk driving and I was really concerned for her because I didn't know what happened to her and I didn't know if she was okay

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Last Apprentice #1Revenge of the Witch

     Intro: In this book their are people called Spooks. These are always the seventh son of the seventh son. These people can hear and see things normal people can't. Their job is to find and root out boggarts, witches, ghosts, and other things of the dark.

     In the first book, the old spook is looking for a seventh son of the seventh son to take into apprenticeship. He finds Tom, who is used to working on a farm. The old spook is called Gregory. He starts Tom's training for a spook by showing him the witches that he has bound in his garden. The most evil one of all is called Mother Malkin. She is a level one witch ( levelling 1-10, 10 being the least dangerous. Levels 1-4 kill easily) and ends up escaping because Tom fed her blood cakes (accidentally) and that gave her strength to get out of the binding pit. One of the places she heads to is Tom's house and family. Tom has only been an apprentice for a couple months.... Can he stop her?!

     Some connections and questions I have about this book is that I know that werewolves are in some folklore the seventh son of a seventh son.
Tom is a very brave and determined character. He learns quickly and finds his work interesting. Gregory is a old, fit, man with a small sense of humour. Alice is a witch and is kind, smart, and knows her stuff. This book takes place in Toms farmhouse on a rainy night. The theme ( if there is one ) is nothing in dark can truly hurt you if your brave. 

     "Nothing can truly hurt you if you are brave." I like it and believe that it is true. It ties into the story a lot, because that's what there fighting the whole time. Old Gregory and Tom's mom said this. 

     Yes, I enjoy this book. It is spooky, entertaining, intense, clean and will make you wonder if ordinary people are NOT ordinary...... Readers who would like this book would be ones who like:

A little scare
Clean books ( no swearing )
 and entertainment.

This book different from the others isn't about Alex Rider. It is about the life of Yassen Gorvagich.
Alex Riders enemy that works from Scorpia. The story of an assassin.

Well the story starts out as Yassen when he was younger living in a tiny village in Russia. Then one day there's an accident and Yassen runs away to Moscow. Where he is eventually caught for stealing and for the next four years serves as a servant. He finally escapes during the assassination of his owner. He gets caught up in a agency called Scorpia that assassinates bad people. He trains for a while then when hes on his first mission he couldn't do it he couldn't kill someone. He runs from Scorpia and plans to kill Alex Rider for revenge. Because well you will have to read the book.

Well the character Yassen Gorvagich starts out as a young kid in a big city to a big strong man with a soft heart. Mostly because he couldn't bring himself to kill a person. He travels many places on his adventure Moscow, New York, Brazil, and France.

“All that sadness. All that anger. It is the smoke that gets into your eyes. If you do not blow it away, how can you hope to see?” I like this quote because its true. Sometimes we are blinded by our sadness and anger.

I really liked this book and I would recommend it. Well the series. This book inst the best book in the Series but it is still a good book. This is also my favorite series. So if any one who likes a entertaining and exiting book They should read this.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

By: R.J Palacio 

Kayla Barlow 

August Pullman has been home schooled his whole life. Not for just any 
reason, but because he suffers from dramatic cranio-facial abnormality, and the rigorous 
surgery schedule that comes with it. Auggie's parents have finally decided to let Auggie go to school, because he needs to learn how the world works, and that not everyone will like him. Auggie is now in fifth grade in middle school. Auggie makes some friends and begins to think that everything is falling into place. But when friends turn into enemy's, and Auggie realizes that people dont like him, at all, his life falls apart. Will Auggie be able to overcome the fact that the world is tough and life is hard?

                      Auggie is a sweet smart kid who loves to play with his friends and his family. I think that Auggie is like my cousin David. He is very smart, fun and loves his family very much. But he has been having a rough time lately, so I think that he is like Auggie because Auggie has had to overcome many things and so has my cousin. I also think that Julian is much like my sister. Julian is a sassy, unkind person. Not that my sister is unkind, but she is very sassy. 

                  "Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.” This quote fits in very well in the book Wonder, Because Auggie's face is different than others. But his personality is no different. It's on the inside what counts. Not what your face looks like, or what your body looks like. 

                        I liked the book Wonder because it is different than other books. It shows what a person like Auggie feels like and what they go through. I would recommend this book to my family, because i think that my family would enjoy the fact that I have been reading books that are different and show things like whats on the inside that counts is what matters, and also because the book gives life lessons that I will put into my daily life. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Divergent-Alexis Crandall

Divergent Written by Veronica Roth 
Book Review
By Alexis Crandall
Divergent is a Distopia set in a chaotic world of choice and discovery. When Beatrice Prior turns the age of 16 she and her older brother Caleb will step in to the world of adult hood where they will be faced with the choice of five different factions that they must choose. In the book it says "In my reflection, I see a narrow face, wide, round eyes, and a long thing nose" that is a interpretation of how Tris describes her self.
Abnegation: They value acts of selfless acts. They despise selfishness. They abnegation dress in modest grey suites.
Dauntless: The dauntless value bravery and jump off moving trains to travel. They wear black cloths and they are a fun, loud, rambunctious people.
Erudite: They are very intelligent and try to get knowledge. They despise ignorance. The Erudite wear blue at all times
Candor: The Candor faction value the truth. In this faction every one is free to say what they want and express their feelings. The Candor faction members wear black and white.
Amity: The Amity are colorful happy peace full people. They are pacifists and work to keep the peace.
        When the ceremony day comes Beatrice choose Dauntless. The initiation into dauntless will be a lot harder then she thought it would be. Tris has to work hard to guarantee herself a spot in this new life.With  the help of her new friends and an old enemy Tris will have to pull her self together and conquer her greatest fears daily. Tris (Beatrice) has a secret that she has not told anyone but if one should find out that would mean death
          This was a really good book and I would definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for a fun action packed book.  I felt a good connection to this book because of the fears that Tris had to conquer. It reminded me of me because we all have to conquer our fears or find a way to mask them.The author describes in great detail the initiation process along with the fiery spirit of the dauntless characters like Uriah and their funny insults like "Pansycake". If you have not read this book and you enjoy action, and books like the hunger games then you will definitely enjoy this.