Monday, January 9, 2012

Laurel's podcast

Fablehaven 5

In the last book of the Fablehaven series, Kendra and Seth find them selves on another extremely dangerous adventure. But this time the fate of the world depends on them when an evil man and demons try to open the Demon prison!!!!!! To open the prison would mean certain destruction and the entire world would be destroyed!!!!
Kendra and Seth are not alone though. In the book they meet many good people who are willing to help, including a pair of wacky satyrs, a unicorn who Kendra has a major crush on, and two grandparents they thought were dead!
I would have to say that my favorite quote in this book would have to be when Warren said, " I'm surprised to be alive. That would have been a very big belly flop in a very dry pool."
Find out what happens by reading the fifth book of Fablehaven!!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This book is about Percy Jackson who doesn't remember anything and is getting chased by two gorgons who want revenge on him because he killed their sister Medusa. He gets help from two demigods named Frank and Hazel. Once they defeat the gorgons they take Percy into their demigod camp were they get a quest. Percy, Frank, and Hazel are to go and free Thanatos, the god of Death, because monsters are no longer going to Tartarus and souls are escaping from the Underworld. I really love this book so far it has action and comedy. One of my favorite quotes from this is when Percy said,“They're Lares. House gods.", "House gods," Percy said. "Like...smaller than real gods, but larger than apartment gods?”. I think that anybody would love this book

Hunger Games

This book is about a girl named Katniss that lives with her mom and her little sister. Katniss's father died, and now Katniss has to hunt for her and her sister like her father had taught her. There are 12 districts in the Hunger Games, and a Capitol that is over all 12 districts. Every year one boy and one girl are picked to compete in the Hunger Games. When they were picking Katniss's little sister was picked. Katniss didn't want her little sister to have to fight, so she volunteered to take her place. The boy that was picked was Peeta. But Katniss had sort of fallen in love with Peeta before that, because he gave her bread. During the games they decide neither of them want to kill each other, so they have to find a way to not kill each other, and both win.

“Winning means fame and fortune.Losing means certain death.The Hunger Games have begun…”