Monday, December 17, 2012

Sisters Grimm: Book 5

Michael Buckley's Sisters Grimm: Magic and other Misdemeanors is mysterious and you never know what's going to happen next. It is a great book and you will never want to put it away.

" You say it like it's not going to be any fun" Uncle Jake said with a grin.This book is about 2 girls named Sabrina and Daphne, and there parents went missing one night and they got put up for adoption and their so called "dead" grandma came and adopted them. They were a bit cautious at first then soon realized that she really was her grandma. They realize their grandma lives in a magical place called Ferryport Landing and fairytale creatures are alive and they never die. They have to go on lots of adventures and solve mysteries. And this time, the Queen of Hearts is the mayor of the town and she wants everyone OUT. She makes a taxes on everyone's house and everyone has to pay it by a certain date, or they will get kicked out. The Grimm's have to pay taxes twice, and they have a special person helping them out.... Prince Charming. But Sabrina and Daphne's Grandmother has a friend named Mr. Canis, and he doesn't like Prince Charming so much. Read the book to find out what happens between the two and find out if the Grimm's will stay in Ferryport Landing or if they get kicked out for good.

I love the author's writing style. He writes everything so descriptive and humorous. he describes the setting very well and you can really imagine what it looks like. He uses funny words and they always keep me laughing. I love his books.

I really loved this book and this entire series. I love adventure and mystery books, and this series is my favorite series by far. I would totally recommend this book to people who love fairytale books, mystery books and adventure books all in one.

Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson

 "I released the handle and the bucket splashed, a distant sound. Mother says, Matilda, Polly's dead."
 This book is a historical fictional by Laurie Halse Anderson about the Yellow Fever epidemic.

The main character is Matilda, her grand father, and her mother. Matilda's father died when he broke his neck, leaving his wife to care for the coffee shop.Matilda's mother is a head strong, crazy hard worker and only will do things her way. Matilda is a laid back tired girl or so it seems! As her family goes through the challenges of the fever epidemic it will bring out the best AND the worst in people.

I really like the way that this author writes. The style keeps you drawn in and it is exiting.It is from the point of view of Matilda and it is interesting to her her thoughts and that is why I like books a lot because you can "read" there minds. Some of the time I wished that I could hear other people's thoughts because then you would understand more.

I recommend this book. You should not judge it because it is a historical fiction because it is really good and it makes you laugh, cry, and rejoice. I recommend it for people who have strong stomach because it can get a little bit gross. It was really good and it gets to the end and then you wonder is there more.

The Cay Glogster

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blood on the River

Animoto-Blood on the River
Carole Wilkinson is the author of one of my favorite books Dragon Keeper. The genre of the book is fantasy!

 This book is about a dragon that is captive by a cruel master. The only one who can help this dragon is a young slave named Ping. Ping discovers that her destiny is to protect the aging dragon and his mysterious purple stone.  The journey isn't easy as they are being chased by a evil dragon hunter and a powerful sorcerer. Dragon must teach her courage, friendship, and how to be a true dragon keeper.

The main characters in this book are ping and the dragon Danzie. I love the characters and it's probably one of the reasons why I really like the book.  Ping is an orphan, she is inscure and doesn't really know who she is. Through out the book she finds herself and lives up to her destiny. She is brave, nice, and courageous. The dragon Danzie talks to Ping in many ways. He is smart, loving, and wise.

I would reccomend this book to everyone who loves  a good story about friendship, courage, and bravery. One of my favorite quotes is," the straight path must sometimes be crooked." This book compares to the Fire Star series.  And hope you will read the book.

Mocking jay
by Suzanne Collins
This is the third and final book of the hunger games trilogy. In this book, Katniss has to face all sorts of challenges, avoiding futuristic wild animals, and not being seen by president snow. There are many traps, that she has to work together with her friends to avoid. My favorite part of this book is when Katniss is running through some pipes, and an animal is chasing them. The Capitol has brainwashed one of katniss's friends to hate her. she has to go find them, and do something to get them back to normal. Katniss says throughout  the book "They have hijacked my friend." I think this book has the most action of the three books. This book is also a bit violent, like the other two, so I would recommend it to anyone that could handle the first two. I really enjoyed this book, and the entire series, and this is a really good conclusion to it. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The List

The List By:Siobhan Vivian 
           Siobhan Vivian's The List is a teenage book that is really good. This book was about how in this High School there is a thing called the list. It has each grades ugliest and prettiest girls. The ones who are not on the list are forgotten. The girls who are the prettiest are remembered and the ugliest are humiliated.
        This book is a romantic, funny kind of a story. I like the style the author is trying to give. This book is pretty unique from all the books I have read because it's someone's perspective of high school.I think that the book is trying to say not to judge people if their ugly or pretty. I think it means to see them for their personality. My favorite quote in the book was "Sometimes when you get something new, you think it has the power to change absolutely everything about you.
         I really liked this book. I would recommend it to teenage girls. I liked the book because it was different from everything I have ever read. I didn't love how some parts had bad words, but other than that it was one of my favorite books. If you like a sort of reality and romance then you will really enjoy it.

Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm reading the book Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry! It is basically a story of how Peter and the lost boys actually get to Never Land, and their journey on their way.  I am actually not all the way finished with it... but it is really great so far! In the book Peter and the boys are orphans and are shipped off onto a boat, not knowing why or where they are going. They boys climb aboard the ship and are banned to the basement of the ship where they are fed boiled rats, fish and random chunks.The conflict starts from there, and so you'll have to read it because it is probably the coolest thing ever. I can make a lot of connection to this book because i live in a house full of little brothers, so i know how it feels to be the leader of a pack. Black Stache: "Now, about that Wasp..." Stache said as he was planning his attack on the Wasp ship. Read the book!