Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Theodore Taylor

Theodore Taylor



By: Obert Skye

                Fifteen year old Beck Phillips is forced to go and live with his rich uncle in a small city called Kingsplot, Because his mom has just died. The way he gets to his uncles house is by a train, While he is on the train he meets a girl. This girl that Beck meets is very interesting and a little bit mysterious. When Beck arrives he soon starts to find out dark secrets about his family. he also finds a buried basement, a hidden wall, and a book about Dragons. This book on Dragons gives a lot of information about Dragons that Beck had no clue even excited. At this point in Time Beck is shocked and has no idea what to do or an idea of what he should do. If you want to find out more about this book then you should read it!
-This Book Has 312 pages
-The Setting Is Kingsplot 
-This Book is a Series

I highly recommend this book because it is a great book, even though it is long. This book is really great for people that like fantasy and for people that like Dragons. I hope you like it if you read it!

By: Grant Kellogg

Catching Fire

Catching fire is the second book of the serise The Hunger Games.The main characters are Peeta and Katniss. Katniss and Peeta are pretending to be madly in love with each other, But President Snow is not convinced that they are in love. After they finish the victory tour they a forced to be put in to a special editoin of another Hunger Games... but this time the game makers are determined you only have one trubute come out of the games. In the special Hunger Games all of the winning trubutes must go back to the Hunger Games. Peeta and Katniss get put into the arena, very nervous. and wanting each other to be the winning tributes. I've really enjoyed this book because it makes me not want to put the book down, because of how intriguing it is.I think that most teenagers would like this book because there is a love story and there is a lot of action. Peeta said “I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever. One of my favorite parts was when the fog was coming in on them and they all had to work together to save each other.
                                                 By:Kaitlin Strickland

Peter and the Starcatchers By: Hailey Zundel

Peter and the Starcatchers

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Divide by Elizabeth Kay

The divide by Elizabeth Kay.

This book is about a kid named Felix, who is transported to a fantasy realm but how much time does he have before his heart stops.  Felix has a heart condition that makes him have violent seizures and one of these seizure time his heart is going to stop and he is going to die. So his parents are trying to give him a good life wile his heart is still beating. Felix and his parents take a trip to Brazil to go see sight seeing. Felix decides to go on a hike to the divide and stands equally balanced a crossed it. All of a sudden he has a seizure, then his heart stops... He wakes up to find himself in a dark strange place and thinks he is dreaming and decides to explore. Soon he runs into a griffin that talks "Are you frightened of me?" asked ironclaw. "no why should i be?" said Felix "I'm very fierce," said the brazzel,with some pride. "All brazzels are fierce. They have to be, they guard hoards of gold. And they peck peoples eyes out. only when necessary  you understand" "have you every pecked someones eyes out?" Asked Felix. Ironclaw looked sheepish.  "no. but i could if i wanted to" Felix Smiled. The only difference is that the griffin says he is called a brazzle not a griffin. As Felix continues to explore, he learns that he was transported to an amazing world were magic is normal and science is a myth. Magical creatures are every were. He teams up with a elf named Betony and they look for a way to get him home and possibly cure his heart. Will his heart give out before he finds the cure? Read this book if you like fantasy novels and exciting adventures! in my opinion this book is interesting and adventurous.   

Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley

Lisa Greenwald

Lisa Greenwald
I read the book "Blood on the River" by Elisa Carbone.
Blood on the River is about these
settlers from Europe that settle in Virginia in 1607. They want to find gold in Virginia and that's a reason the settlers are there. The main characters are Captain smith, Samuel, and Reverent Hunt. They board a ship to travel to Jamestown in Virginia. There is a dangerous thing about settling in Jamestown. The Natives. That has become a very dangerous thing about settling in Jamestown, the Natives feel threatened by the settlers, and feel the need to wipe them out. The settlers don't know what hit them. The Natives attack and pick off the settlers one by one. The settlers start to diminish. There aren't very many left after all the attacks. They need a way to have a peace with the Natives. So Captain John Smith takes a risk and trades with the Natives to make a peace treaty. As the book goes on the peace treaty goes on. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens next! My thoughts on this book is excellent I loved it. The age range is around 6th grade and up. My favorite quote is from Captain John smite. "You don't work you don't eat." My connection is to Samuel. He doesn't have any friends at the beginning but makes them by being nice. That's like with me when I moved here to Utah. I had to make friends by stepping up and being nice and also talking to them. 

Unspoken Characters

My Popplet

Monday, November 26, 2012


By Sarah Rees Brennan
      I read the book Unspoken. It's very interesting and from the very first page it's intense. The Main Characters are The Lynburns, Cammie Glass, Angela, and Holly, Cammie's two best friends. Kami's had an imaginary boyfriend ever since she was little. She still talks to him and some people thinks she's weird for it. Don't get me wrong if I saw a kid talking to the air I would think they were crazy too. Now that the Lynburns are here she feels closure to her boyfriend Jared. The Lynburns had moved away and now their back and the town of Sorry-In-The-Vale will never be the same. The Lynburn Family consists of 5 people. Rosalind (Mother of Jared.), Lillian (Mother to Ash), Rob (Father to Ash, Uncle to Jared.), Ash (The perfect child), and Jared (The bad boy.). Ever since the Lynburns moved back strange things have been going on like animal sacrifices in the woods. As Kami brings these mysterious things out into the open as a school news reporter and president. She finds herself in great danger.
     I like this book because it's fun and you never know what's going to happen next. It definitely keeps you on your toes. A quote I like from this book is ("We're breaking in? I'm so glad I never have to be bored again." ) - Jared.
     I just find this quote very funny and straight forward and with Kami Glass you never know what you're getting.
     I would recommend this book to someone defiantly. It's great for people who love adventure and mysteries. Plus from the very start their was a love connection sparking that would soon burst into flames. I really enjoyed reading this book and hope there's a sequel.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Lucky One

             Nicholas Sparks The Lucky One is a really interesting story about a soldier names Logan Thibault who found a picture of a beautiful woman on his third tour in Iraq, at first he puts it on the board to see of any one claims it but when no one does he suddenly finds the picture always in his pocket and begins to be very lucky, winning poker games and surviving attacks that others didn't. When he returns home to Colorado he walks across the country to North Carolina to find Elizabeth who he believes saved his life. When he gets there he is so overcome with his feelings for her that he waits and doesn't tell her about the picture.
             The characters in this book are really interesting and fun, and you find yourself liking Logan more and more thought the book and Elizabeths crazy grandma that has a confusing yet very helpful answer for everything.
“Being with him was like toast and butter from the very beginning.”-Nana
 There are some other charecters that you will love or hate and be so mad at what they do! I couldnt stop reading it and would reccomened it to any girl who likes romantic comedy books or just a really good book!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Candy Shop War Arcade Catastrophe written by Brandon Mull is a gripping novel that leaves you wanting more every time you try to put the book down.

This a book for all ages of readers. It is a well written book with a great plot and very easy to understand. I Recommend it to anyone.

Mysterious things are happening at the new arcade that opened up a couple of days ago. Kids are jumping (or flying) over the fence. There are stamps that are 50,000 tickets and tons of kids racing to get them. Why do the stamps cost so much? Why does everyone want them? you have to read the book to find out.

Nate is back and he is going solve this mystery. He chooses to get a jet stamp that gives him the unbelievable power to fly. there is exception though he has to give up magical candy.

Pigeon is a sub. This gives him the power to breath under water and swim faster than a shark! He and Nate have to compete against each other. The prize is the other persons stamp. Who will win

Summer is a tank.Being a tank gives her the unbelievable power of strength and endurance. She has to compete against the speedy race cars to keep her stamp and stay in the game. Will she keep her stamp? Who will be in the final competition?

My favorite quote is when is when the teacher is asking them all their names and Nate says "My mom calls me honey lips". 

Thursday, November 15, 2012



Flip, by Martyn Bedford is about a boy named Alex who one day mysteriously wakes up in someone else's bed, in someone else's house, in a different part of the country, and 6 months further in time than he was just the night before.  He has no idea where he is or whose house he is in, he only knows that he must figure it out fast.  After he gets up from bed, he sees himself in the mirror.  The reflection staring back is not his face, body or anything.  Alex is a totally different person!  As the first day of being trapped in this other boy's body he discovers where he is and what he boy's name is. Philip, Flip for short.  The setting is in Leeds, England in present day.

Some terms and phrases in this book may be hard for some to understand since the author is British.  For me, I understood all of the phrases and terms because I have friends that currently live in Ireland and they say the same things. I never thought that I would like any other books besides the Pretty Little Liars series (I'm not a big reader) but this is the first book I've read that I've actually really liked.

As Alex, or "Flip" discoverers who he is, he must also try to find a way home and back to himself before it's too late to change himself back to Alex

I would recommend this book for girls and boys of the ages 13 to 18.  The book is about  youth so I think the youth would enjoy it best!