Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Book Thief

by:Markus Zusak
For reasons unknown to us right know, Liesel's mother is taking Liesel and her little brother Werner by train to live with foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann. The Hubermanns live on Himmel Street in the town of Molching, Germany. Sadly, Werner dies on the train. Before Liesel arrives in Molching, she attends her brother's burial in a snowy graveyard. She steals The grave Diggers Handbook from the cemetery after it falls from a young grave digger's coat. The problem is, Liesel can't read.After arriving on Himmel Street, Liesel takes an immediate liking to her foster father, Hans, who begins to teach her to read. Her foster mother, Rosa, at first seems scary and abusive, but as we get to know her better, we can see love behind Rosa's coarseness. In addition to her foster parents, Liesel meets her soon to be best friend and neighbor, Rudy Steiner. He will soon become the Clyde to her Bonnie in the stealing of books, and, occasionally, food.The sequel to this book is The Shoulder Shrug.

"Please, be calm, despite that previous threat.
I am all bluster-
I am not violent
I am not malicous
I am a result.

The setting is in world war 2 Germany.

I would definitely recommend this book it is really good, it keeps you reading. I didnt stop reading this book until I was finished.


  1. This was such an interesting book--very different from many others. I enjoyed it, but I think there's a lot of symbolism I didn't understand

  2. This book looks really cool and interesting. It looks like a good mystery book. I think I will start to read it.